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The War on Superbugs
Original title: La guerra contra las superbacterias
Category: Non-Fiction

The War on Superbugs

Original title: La guerra contra las superbacterias
Category: Non-Fiction

A history of science without fiction

The antibiotic resilience: the quiet pandemic we are facing. 

What are Superbugs and why we are not ready yet to fight them.

Throughout our existence humans have fought a battle, often to death, against bacteria. These tiny microorganisms cause maladies as infamously famous as plague or cholera, but also as common as tooth cavities.  

And now that it looked that we were leading the race against them thanks to antibiotics, its misuse and erratic dosage plus other factors have triggered the emergence of the so-called superbugs. The resistance of some of them has already become a threat to our lifestyle, and it might be a matter of barely thirty years before they become the main cause of worldwide deaths, even ahead of cancer.

Andrea Muras Mora, a scientist and educator, tackles and enlightens us about all the above, and explains what superbugs are, how they deflect and evade drugs, why they multiply and what is the scientific community working on to prevent their advance. Let delve yourself into this thrilling story running across centuries of science and curiosities, and discover which are the keys to a pandemic that has already begun.

This is without a doubt, a fascinating book where the most complex knowledge is explained in a humble way, using a close and amusing voice that will feed your hunger for reading while you also learn something that affects you directly.

As the author states, the discovery of antibiotics helped us win a battle, but not the entire war, therefore we all must take on the responsibility that corresponds to us.

If we don’t do anything about it, our health system and lifestyle could completely change. There is no doubt that a good way to fight our enemies is to learn about them inside out in order to identify both their strengths and weaknesses, their allies and enemies. To get everybody to gain a basic knowledge on microbiology could be key to save not only our wellbeing, but also the health of our planet. To count on a worldwide population well versed on the subject and with greater scientific knowledge is critical for our society to take measures based on evidence and overcome the challenges of tomorrow.

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Publishing date: | 256 pages | ISBN: 978-84-1344-246-4 | Imprint: Alienta Editorial