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Discovering your Abracadabra
Original title: Descubre tu abracadabra
Category: Non-Fiction

Discovering your Abracadabra

Original title: Descubre tu abracadabra
Category: Non-Fiction

The art of creating life through the power of words.

The magic of creating through words, until elevating the vibration of our existence, and reaching a more powerful life.

In this book we will discover the creating power of words in its broader and most spiritual sense.

This reading is based on the power of words, thoughts and actions. Is there a greater power than that of a person that has managed to be aligned in all these manifestations of life? In the following pages you will get familiar with meanings, etymologies and revelations of the most relevant words in the world we live in: challenge, crisis, magic, discovery, art, honesty, revelation, awareness. The truth is that once we know the truly deep meaning of words, we can open doors that were probably slammed with screams, threats or punishments during our childhood; words that are still living there, untouched; words that we can come back to whenever the time comes.

Those doors will lead us to discover the power of the innate trust living within us, a trust we can reach and connect with at our own will. “Abracadabra” is a word of mysterious origin that has been related since Antiquity with the magic of creation. It literally means: “I believe as I speak.” And that is exactly what Eva Sandoval wants us to do: to play with the magic of words once again, a game that will let us come back to that original, innocent space where we knew that anything was possible, that everything was yet to be discovered.

This book is about words, about their meaning, origin, power and overall, about remembering what we can manifest through and thanks to them.

The first time we hear the true meaning of the word “abracadabra” from the bottom of our hearts “I believe as I speak”, an extremely surprising event is unleashed. It is the beginning of an attitude of maturity towards who we are and what we can create. Just like when we learnt the alphabet for the first time. First we learnt the letters, and then we united them in syllables, then in words, until eventually… Eureka! The magic effect happened: we were able to read independent sentences, and became forever independent while reading.

If we believe that life is our own creation we should start being aware of the words we use, the words we don’t mention and the words that we tell to others, since we use them to build the reality we perceive.

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Publishing date: | 176 pages | ISBN: 978-84-1119-080-0 | Imprint: Diana