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Yours is the Empire
Original title: El imperio eres tu
Category: Fiction
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Yours is the Empire

Original title: El imperio eres tu
Category: Fiction

Crowned emperor of Brazil at twenty-three years old, Pedro the 1st left his imprint on the history of two continents. Women were both the salvation and perdition of the impetuous, contradictory man: whilst his wife, the virtuous Leopoldina of Austria, accompanied him to the top, his lover, the fiery Domitila de Castro presided over his descent into decadence. When the vast tracts of Brazil grew too small for him and power ceased to be of interest, he put his life on the line for what he believed was right. And he achieved glory.

With the vivacious beauty of the tropics as a backdrop, Javier Moro tells the epic story of the birth of the largest country in South America in prodigious detail.

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Rights sold

Robert Laffont (France), Planeta Brasil (Brazil), Planeta Manuscrito (Portugal), Der Club Bertelsmann (Germany), Ikar (Slovakia), Hermes (Bulgaria), Alnari (Serbia), People's Publishing House (China simp), Noir sur Blanc (Poland), Bata Press (Macedonia).

Option publishers

Euromedia (Czech Republic), Cartaphilus (Hungary).

Technical data

Publishing date: | 560 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-10482-7 | Imprint: Planeta

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